IRIX CD Icon CD Info Gateway

GitHub announced its services would shutdown entirely on 2020-03-31. Many legacy software applications have FreeDB/CDDB support built-in for fetching CD metadata such as artist, title, and track names. To keep these apps functioning in their fully glory, this is meant as a drop-in replacement for FreeDB/CDDB.

This application does not use the original CDDB database, but fetches disc information from MusicBrainz which has an open API and excellent up-to-date disc metadata.


HTTP Access

Ports 80, 8880
Path /~cddb/cddb.cgi

Full URLs for access over HTTP

CDDBP Access

Port 888

Tested Applications

SGI CDplayer, IRIX 6.5.30


The IRIX CDplayer lets you set the CDDB server host and port. It has the /~cddb/cddb.cgi path hardcoded in the application. It does not send the HTTP host header, so virtual hosts will not work with this CD player.

The most beautiful CD player

cdrdao v1.2.4


This is a CLI app for Linux. It lets you use HTTP, CDDBP, set hosts, ports, paths, everything you need. So it's easy to get going.


cdrdao read-cddb --cddb-servers -v 3 disc.toc


cdrdao read-cddb --cddb-servers -v 3 disc.toc

Exact Audio Copy 0.99

Lets you set the full HTTP URL so it's easy to configure.

  1. EAC > freeDB / Database Options

VLC 1.1.9

Not working. This doesn't seem to ever fetch metadata, even from the live FreeDB servers.

This was the last version to work on Windows 2000.

  1. Tools > Preferences
  2. Under Show settings select All.
  3. Input / Codecs > Access modules > Audio CD